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Accessmcd is the online training portal for McDonalds employees. McDonalds® LMS uses the Saba learning management system platform (SabaNow) to connect its current employees and future new hires with the McDonalds® online training website Restaurant Management, O/O & Staff, Corporate, 3rd Party). Employees of mcdonalds can login into Accessmcd By following the below instructions

How to Login into AccessMcd

  • Visit the Accessmcd official webpage
  • Login with your Mcdonalds Employee ID and Password
  • You can also use the one click login API's using Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo Accounts
  • If you have forgot your username and password you can make the use of forgot username and password

Intended Audience

For, the target audience are who responsible for the roles in the organization such as global employees, McOpCo restaurant managers, suppliers, franchise restaurant managers, and crew. By using the usability study results, it had taken a first step to build the stronger relationship or understanding of what each role needed to improve the users' experience. 

However, the information about a franchisee needs on a daily basis is totally different from employee or supplier needs. Global needs also varied from the national needs. With this changing of needs, the team has worked with an external agency to gather additional information from users and initiated the work on enhancing the user experience on Accessmcd

It used an external agency to gather the information owing to it was very close to the Accessmcd. It also would be a key source to provide the candid, honest and in-depth feedback from users to change how information has delivered. 

Users can easily find the information what they needed and still the active users of Accessmcd can able to provide the feedback which result in the improvement of the user experience. For gathering detailed user information and behaviours, it has held 60 online surveys and conducted one-on-one interviews. Additionally, it has analyzed the three-month review of search results and a six-month review of statistics results for the web pages within Accessmcd. 

Communication Goals or Objectives

Based on the assessment of usability test results, the company determined the areas of focus such as:
  • Enhance the search engine function. 
  • Clean up old content throughout the Accessmcd. 
  • Provide the one click information through which get access the information to users what they needed. 
  • Consolidate the information on Accessmcd home page. 
  • Update the design of home page in a way that giving a fresh look to the Accessmcd. 


The main goal of the organization is to ensure that users receive the most relevant pages when searching for particular content. The team also can help the users to do deepen searches or specific searches like document type or by topic and search for images or videos, etc. 

One-click Information

It gives value to the users and provides one-click information in the sense that users could get into the more information with one-click only without having to dive into the several levels of information. 

Clean-Up and Consolidation of Information

Consolidation of information is imperative to get best search results, focused, and up to date information on Accessmcd. For example, if the website has a great search website but not having greatest search skills, it wouldn't be lure the users to access the website. In a similar manner, if users accessing the website with older information, there would be less likely to return or visit the website again to gather the information. Based on that, the team need to be engaged the content authors in order to remove older content or deactivate the irrelevant content from Accessmcd department websites in preparation for the content upgrades and provide the up-to-date information about Accessmcd. 

Redesign of Accessmcd Home Page

In collaboration with the content efforts, the team need to focus on a redesign of home page. The main goal of the organization is to provide the fresh and focused look and make some changes to the home page which may attract the customers to retain or visit the web page again to access the services. 


To reach all these goal, it has worked closely with the different departments such as U.S. communications, corporate system communications, U.S. global information and technology, and corporate department content authors. The team also get the assistance from a number of individual through feedback responses that included the Global Accessmcd board which is a group of franchisees, restaurant managers, suppliers, and employees to provide the ongoing feedback, a group consisting of lead U.S. Franchisees across the nation, and the U.S. communications board. 

Stakeholder Involvement

Including the initial surveys and interviews conducted for all user groups, it has engaged with the stakeholders in different ways. The team can also work with the global advisory board and ask for input email services. In addition to these, the team presents the changes to the U.S. communications board, key departments and leaders. 

Used Communication Sources

Various kinds of communication sources are using by the organization to expand the services to more customers and let them to know any changes to the website such as content author meetings, instructional video, presentations, e-mail blasts, podcasts, booth at worldwide wonvention, AccessMCD home page, online scavenger hunt, postcard desk drops, and Accessmcd help section. 

E-mail Source

The team will send the email notifications to the employees that constitutes of what are the changes has been made to the website and asking for the feedback on these initiatives. 


The team has been conducted the meetings for the department staff, the USCB meetings, and to key leadership including the CEO. 

Online Scavenger Hunt

It had started the online scavenger hunt feature to its employees and received a vital marketing e-mail with the link to the first video to begin the scavenger hunt and forward to the colleagues. 

PostCard desk drops

The company will send a series of three postcards to the employees' home offices with a particular mission to try out a new search feature. Accordingly, each accomplished activity earn a chance to win a GPS unit. More than 1000 employees and suppliers participated in the contests and generated over 2500 entries. With this participation of contest, they could gain confidence in finding the information which is related to the job that you're looking for. 

Booth at Worldwide Wonvention

The team of Accessmcd highlighted the search improvements and introduced the new top navigation tool bar. 

Accessmcd Home page

On the home page of Accessmcd, the team highlights the improvements so that users can able to get access to the particular information including for suppliers, employees, franchisees, etc. 

Accessmcd Help Section

Through the Accessmcd help section, users can easily get the support from team based on available help pages and directed users to these pages with additional training. 

Content Author Meetings

In order to provide the up-to-date content information on website, it has conducted the meetings for content authors in such a way that they can engage and educate them along with the sending of e-mails. 

Budget or Staff Requirements

The global web communications team led the Accessmcd enhancements. The team constitutes of nine members such as the leader and administrative assistant, five strategic communicators, and two designers. The team has worked with the team cross-functionally to facilitate the success. The members included Corporate system communications, global information technology, U.S. communications, and U.S. information technology. 


Users always want to search for more content but at the same time find for specific content. It has designed the tabs in such a way that they can be used for accessing different kinds of content. It has been provided the improved Accessmcd search results which come from internal Accessmcd access websites, images, the document management centre, and video from the asset contact centre, discussions from the collaboration tool, contact information from the Accessmcd phone directory, type ahead, additional features like guide pages, and spelling suggestions which may helpful for users to find the right information. 

Under search results, you can able to find the quick links which are found in the try these first section and these are the best guess of what users might be looking for. Quick links will be added for business initiatives. The global web communications team is responsible for adding the quick links under search results. 

Based on a frequently searched word, guide pages will be created on Accessmcd. On a specific topic, you can able to find the related business information with a horizontal view of information. This guide web page including various topics which are relevant to the links to websites, presentations, documents, spread sheets, and PDFs. Based on monthly search reports, it has been added when the team notices for a grouping related information on the website. Let's say, jobs is one of the most searched term on Accessmcd and it is very easier to search for related information. 

But, whereas it's very difficult to find the information relevant to the job listings, job profiles, a job description, salary information, or other job-related information. A guide web page assists the users to organize the information on one page and lets the users to find the information on one page and lets the users to check out the information exactly what they are looking for. 

Navigation with Drop-Down Menus

With the conduction of interviews and surveys, along with the examination of search results, and statistics, the team at Accessmcd to determine which information is most essential for each target audience or the user group. In order to organize this information, it introduced a top navigation toolbar with drop-down menus which are categorized for each user group. Each user group generally included different main categories based on their role. There are 12 different views with 12 different categories. In the top navigation toolbar, the user can able to mouse over multiple main categories and browse the sub categories before entering into the drop-down menus. 

Additionally, the toolbar travels with the user during the entire Accessmcd experience which lets the user to easily navigate to the other top navigation and drop-down selections. By assessing the basic surveys, interviews, and statistics, it has been placed the information what exactly users looking for on a daily basis with the top navigation bar. The team met with different goals included legal information to review deletion or deactivation issues. 

It has been implemented a cleanup challenge in order to motivate the content authors to review the sites and authors had to submit the content what they did for the website. It is also responsible for sending the aging reports which indicated the last updates to site pages to primary content authors to review and clean up the content. The team has offered a training class for its members on site metrics to measure the effectiveness of the web pages. It is also evaluated the 1500 pages. In accordance with the statistics, it has removed the unnecessary content including several links and categories that are not being used by the users. 

Once it has improved and implemented the top navigation tool bar and completing the content cleanup, the team at Accessmcd focused on creating a new and fresh content with more helpful design of the home page. It has put the phone and email field on top of the web page because which are very essential contact sources for global users. Under Have you ever been asked? section, you can find the answers for commonly asked questions about McDonald's which makes easier for employees to answer these questions. Another interactive element also offered on the web page which is mindshare section that allows the users to discuss the topics highlighted on Accessmcd.

Insights of Accessmcd

Accessmcd website has ranked 100,680 in the United States of America and it is McDonald's global intranet that was introduced as the company's internal one stop shop for employees in order to get information about jobs on a daily basis. On an average, it has estimated that monthly pages viewed 85,050, monthly visits 17,186, value per visitor $0.23, external links 53, estimated worth $13,106.88, and number of pages 45. It is clear that not only the number of users increased but also it offers the significant amount of content being added to the Accessmcd on a daily basis. 

To know what are the faults and improve the services, it has implemented a survey through which it can easily discover what users liked about Accessmcd and what needed to be improved under its services. Based on that, it was conducted a usability test in 2006 and received more than 2,200 online survey responses from the consumers. 

According to the responses, it was clear that it had included two problems such as they couldn't find the information about what they were looking for and states that the search engine tool wouldn't work well. Due to users' inability to find the information, it focused on simplifying the user experience or reduce the risk when they're searching for information on Accessmcd. Relevantly, improving the search engine skills and simplifying the user experience became the most priorities for Accessmcd.